Armadillo Artie

Armadillo Artie

Slot machine test: Armadillo Artie

Maybe is not quite familiar with what actually is an Armadillo. Now, this beautiful word an Armadillo hides, which in this Naidoo slots bears the name of Artie. And cute animals have names, is always reason for joy and quite an indication that they will be not too seriously to the point in the slot game Armadillo Artie. With that in terms of the functions an understatement would be, because Armadillo Artie has a lot to offer, which goes beyond a regular wild symbol. Here some bonus features can be picked off, which of course all themes are well suited to the game. For example, the Slingshot feature, where you can try your luck on the Slingshot.

Slot machine Armadillo Artie knows to convince, which is due to its graphics and the structure, but above all on the one hand to the content. Many bonus features does not mean though that automatically also the chances are higher, but if so a function is triggered once, then the cash register ringing.

Armadillo Artie is

for example, in the Star Games Casino. With a registration, it is even possible Armadillo Artie play for free to be able to become familiar with the mechanism, the symbols and functions.

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Armadillo Artie play online

Armadillo Artie is a thoroughly solid slot despite its many functions and 25 payline, is actually easy to play. The trick is just when the bonus symbol triggers the one or the other feature and thus excitement and fun are guaranteed. But regardless of bonus winnings is also always the profits which are to get with the normal symbols. Since Armadillo Artie does not differ from other machines, because it comes to form rows that consist of at least three of the same symbols and rest on the line.

The number of 25 pay lines is fixed and cannot be changed by you. The most important tool for you keep the usage you can change before each new twist. Doing the math is simple: the higher your usage, the higher also your profits in Armadillo Artie can fail. But of course always with the point connected, that the stakes are deducted first.

In addition, the icons determine your winnings. Ever more powerful an icon of the game and the longer the number, the higher the factor fails, which is used for calculating profit.

Slot game symbols in the Armadillo Artie online slot

At least thematically fitting designed the Armadillo Artie were symbols, even though the first only the J, D, K and A represent four. But profits are profits and also a simple symbol like slamming depending on usage and number of win lines. In addition, there are above all picture symbols with animals, representing almost the direct neighbourhood of the Armadillo's. For example, a snake or a crazy chicken. The skull is no longer very alive, but also ensures profits. The logo dash for cash, which incidentally is the subtitle of the slot machines, provides also for good profits.

The Armadillo Artie and the Cactus are both wilds, while the Sheriff star will trigger the bonus features.

Slot machines instructions by Armadillo Artie

The slot game Armadillo Artie plays loosely from his wrist and although the possibility of the line setting is missing, the game has to offer but a lot. Winnings are displayed automatically, as it is also possible that you activate the auto start. The bonus features are also by alone started, provided that the corresponding icon on the reels. After a win, yet the gamble is possible.

Conclusion to the Armadillo Artie test

There were many animals as main characters in casino slot machines, an Armadillo is rather rarely occurred. But all the beautiful Armadillo Artie that humor at its symbols also relies on a good portion plays out. In addition, there are good chances of winning, because if even a winning number for Armadillo Artie then often strikes, with a good value.

Armadillo Auto-start Cactus Chicken Snakes Star Skull